Behavioral Foundation Centers focuses specifically on services for children and their parents. Utilizing a combination of Discrete Trial Training and Natural Environment Training, programs focus on quickly reducing problem behaviors and building foundational skills necessary for children to be able to be successful in mainstream, integrated environments.

  • Discrete Trial Training is a type of training that involves highly structured, table top activities similar to the environments that children experience in public school environments. This is used for skill building and developing attending skills.
  • Natural Environment Training involves training children based on what they encounter in their daily lives. This type of training assists children in building their curiosity and independence with skills that they need every day in order to be successful at home and in the community.

Together, these two methods are utilized to build a comprehensive program that prepares children for the educational, home, and community environments. Behavioral Foundation Centers uses the most research supported curricular assessments to provide you an accurate view of your child’s skill level and needs. State of the art data collection and graphical programs allow our staff to monitor their progress on a daily basis and provide top of the line, focused therapy services.

It is important to remember that ABA is not meant to be a permanent service. Instead, ABA has been shown to be the most effective when applied heavily and effectively, early on, and in conjunction with parent training and involvement. Once a child has the foundation skills that they need, and the parents are able to apply the techniques they’ve learned to assist their child, services should be faded in order to allow the child and family to live with the least amount of intervention necessary for success. The skills you and your child learn through ABA therapy should give you a lifetime of benefits through teaching you to adapt, grow, and interact with the challenges that life presents.


Here at Behavioral Foundation Centers, our focus is on providing effective, efficient services in order to assist children and families in developing positive, independent lifestyles!

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** Please note – the final determination on a child’s need for services will be made by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This will include a recommendation for the number of hours of therapy that a child needs. Therapy services are generally covered by insurance. Please contact your insurance provider for information on ABA benefits.

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